Posted on 16-Dec-2017

Quickie Bins, Disposal Bins & Junk Removal

The fact is old school roll off bins in Kamloops can seriously damage your residential driveway or commercial asphalt lot. Most roll off companies won't take responsibility!

Here is a common horror story with roll off bins

"So I have a 30yrd roll-off dumpster delivered. It's delivered during a snow storm while I'm out plowing and they park one of the skids on the edge of the driveway and crack it (the driveway was just put in this past fall).

We do the job, load the dumpster and call to have it removed.
The homeowner he tells me how happy he is with the removal of his trees, but he has a problem with the dumpster company. Right before he called I also received a call from the dumpster company telling me how we overloaded the dumpster and that the driver had to remove some of its contents. So I'm ready for the homeowner to tell me of the mess the driver left..... no, that's not it, the driver had ripped out a 3x3ft patch of blacktop! I go to the site, what a mess! Then I go to the dumpster company office & I'm told they aren't responsible for any damages to driveways. 

It seems the driver was pissed that he had to roll 4 logs off the top, so knowing he isn't held responsible for damages, he put the back stabilizing bar of the truck down on the driveway and while loading the dumpster he didn't tilt the truck enough & just dragged it thru the driveway.

Quickie Bins has you covered with our driveway friendly dumpsters & full service rubbish removal in Kamloops."

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